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New entry 4-02-2001

All that needs to be said about the Ultimate Titles

Gotta give credit to the demented genius of Alex Hamby of Hero Realm for the "spin" he put on the cover to Ultimate Team-Up #2.

Word gets around about Spidey's troubles

Francine Peters, Terry Moore's perpetually put down upon heroine from his series, Strangers in Paradise bemoans Spidey's problems in connection with her own life. This image is from SIP Volume 3 No.2 - and go to Strangers in Paradise website if you want to know more about Francine and her pal, Katchoo.

What does this old, fat guy think he's doing?

1. Auditioning for a role as the Earth X Spidey?

2. Using this cute little kid to get candy from the neighbors (as if he needs any)?

3. Trying to recapture the youth he lost 125 pounds and two extra helpings of spaghetti ago?

The Amazing Trenton!

Now this kid is Spidey done right. Many thanks to Tim Barker - Canadian Superfan - for these photos.

(Do you have any Spidey related photos of a personal nature or from conventional media that you'd like to share with the growing number of inmates committed to the MadGoblin's Ward? Just e-mail me at the icon to the left!)

Spider-Man is perplexed as he faces the one villain he cannot figure out - Dork Man!

Bulletin! Spider-Man reveals secret i.d. to babe!

The secret of Norman Osborn's villainy revealed! It really was his childhood reading material!